AC/DC’s Angus Young shoots down rumors of secret Bon Scott recordings

AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young has debunked the long-standing rumor that there are secret recordings of Bon Scott singing some of the songs from the band’s blockbuster “Back In Black” album.

The band released the album in 1980, following Scott’s death earlier in the year. Ever since, there has been speculation that Scott was involved in the songwriting and that there are even “top secret” recordings of Bon singing some of the tracks.

Angus addressed the rumor during a new interview with Paste Magazine, saying, “Yeah, But no. There’s never been one. Bon never really got the chance. At the time, me and Malcolm were writing songs, which became the songs for ‘Back In Black.’  We were in London in a rehearsal room, and Bon had come down, too. And what used to happen was, me and Malcolm would get together and get a drum kit, and Malcolm would get behind the drums sometimes, and I’d get on the guitar and just tap out a riff. Or other times, Malcolm would get on the guitar and he’d get me to just knock out a simple beat on the drums. Anyhow, we were working away, and it was on an intro which was actually what became the intro for ‘Hells Bells’.

You can read the full interview – here.

Angus Young Shoots Down Bon Scott ‘Back in Black’ Rumors


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